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Stryker SR-447HPC2 NEW


Stryker SR-447HPC2 NEW

$ 229.99

Oversize radios are the biggest problem for truckers because of having not too much space. The NEW Stryker SR-447 HPC-2 10 Meter Radio is the slimmest radio ever produced in market.

OUR SET-UPS COME WITH AUTO SWR ON, when you key the mic the SWR automatically reads in the channel display. Our set-ups also come with ASQ OFF to not further hinder most operators normal way of controlling the squelch.


Most Slimmest 10 Meter Radio

This brand came up with this extension keeping in view the demands of the recent customer base of this 10 meter radio. The BIGGEST issue that led to its development was the reduced space for mounting the radio inside any vehicle. SR-447HPC2 is a compact but a complete 10 meter amateur radio that can adjust easily into any space provided. So mounting it will not be an issue. We guarantee this small radio is as efficient and reliable as the older players from Stryker.

Better Sound Through Research

Transmission clarity has been improved with the ability to generate as high as 55 watts PEP as the output power. The new SR-447HPC2 10 meter amateur radio offers more radio in a smaller package than ANYONE else. If you love that big radio sound, you are going to love this new radio. For adding the edge to your communication, SR-447 HPC-2 also features internal treble and bass adjustment for the receiver that helps in noise reduction, specifically white noise. Full, Rich HiFi modulation add depth to your message enhancing your voice as well as keeping it loud.


(W) 6.2 (H) 1.9 (D) 9.7 including protruding parts on depth to include knobs on front panel.


Important Features

  • AM/FM, 55 watts,
  • RF Variable Power control
  • Rf Gain
  • Mic Gain
  • 8-Bands A-H,
  • 31 stage Variable dimmer,
  • Multiple display colors, SWR,
  • ON/OFF Variable Talk-back,
  • NEW heat sink design, ROUND Meter, etc. etc.
  • ECHO
  • 7-Different front panel colors to choose your flavor of the day.

If you drive at night, you will appreciate the new 31 stage dimmer, which on its lowest setting turns all lights off.The 447HPC2 10 meter radio includes our famous variable talkback, never settle for anything less! This is a NEW design radio and has many more features than listed. This NEW radio is sure to be at the top of it's class!!!



Amateur Radios are intended for use by amateur radio operators only. A license is required within the United States by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). It is not illegal to purchase and/or receive however it IS illegal for you to transmit on any Amateur Radio bands without a proper license first! The user of any Amateur Radio equipment is solely responsible for proper operation of this equipment and abiding by the rules and regulations within the country in which the user resides.





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