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It’s always nice when some good news arrives! Indeed it’s today the good news comes that the first Stryker SR-94Hpc has been granted legal status for the 10m amateur radio band in Japan. But I can tell you it was hard work! It needed lots of paperwork ranging from block diagrams to parts list with component details. It’s really all made possible by Qixiang who after numerous Skype calls provided all the information to be sent to the radio legislation board.

And directly from its owner Masa came the news!

HI Simon san

I have a good news!

I just received amateur radio station licence sticker today!

Mine’s SR94-HPC is approved pure amateur radio transceiver Japan

I say again

Thank you very much for your help Simon san

I can tell you it was months of hard work behind it. Daniel L, Shawn, QX myself all worked to get the end result and it worked. I wish Masa lots of great contacts with his lovely radio.

And the next time I know what’s needed so the process must be easier….

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