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Stryker SR-447HPC 10 meter radio initial view

New Products

Welcome to the NEW Stryker SR-447HPC2. This will be an amazing AM/FM 10 meter radio as to our initial look at this compact radio. We definitely agree to the claim of "Dynamite comes in small packages". With RF Power of 50+ with a variable RF Power control, on/off variable monitor (talk back), NB/ANL/OFF, Echo, Mic Gain, RF Gain, Volume/Squelch, Auto SWR, 7-Color flavors of the day to choose from that lights up a band all the way around the faceplate as well as all backlighting. SMALLER than a 29 LTD Classic in width and height and only approx. 3/8 of an inch longer due to heatsink. NEW Amateur Radio design back end heatsink. Also boasting a 31 stage variable dimmer control. Bands A-H for much flexibility in frequency coverage. COMING SOON to

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